The Way of the Worshipper

the way of the worshipperI’m so excited to share with you my latest book, “The Way of the Worshipper”!

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Connecting with the Spirit of God in worship is fundamental to the life of the believer, and yet, so many Christians never experience the power of the Spirit in worship- and as a result, never experience the natural outflow of the Spirit of God: miracles, healing, restoration, empowerment, strength and so much more.

Why? What can we do to make sure that our connection to the Holy Spirit is unbreakable? What role does worship play? For what purposes did God create worship? Where do I fit in? Why don’t I feel Him more? These questions are a BIG DEAL.

If you can’t answer each of the above questions with confidence, this book is for you.

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In The Way of the Worshipper, you’ll find answers straight from the Word of God and learn how you can increase and strengthen the connection God has intended for you in worship!

All believers want to connect with the Spirit of God in worship. More importantly, God wants to connect with YOU. There are tremendous, life-changing benefits to worship in “spirit and truth”- but understanding what that means, how to use worship in all aspects of your life and what the enemy will do to break your connection with God is paramount.

If you desire more of God; if you’ve been standing in faith for revival in your life; if you’ve been believing for miracles; if you’re not sensing His presence in your life or seeing the manifestation of answers in prayer- start here!

If the Bible is your sword, worship is your arrow. The Christian life is full of battles and victories, but you have been equipped with *every* weapon you need- now, learn how to use them!

Get this book for yourself, or for someone in your life who is longing for MORE of Him this year!!

—–> (You can buy “The Way of the Worshipper” on Amazon Prime!) <—–

If you want even more, and this book is simply not enough to satisfy your hunger, get your worship team or ministry leaders or congregation involved! I love to travel and teach the principles in “The Way of the Worshipper” to help ignite a deeper passion for WORSHIP within the body of Christ!

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