Messages to Strengthen Your Faith, by Alicia

From time to time, I am asked to speak at the church we attend. Here are a few of my favorite messages. (You can watch the entire broadcast or start from where I speak. I’ve included start times for each message):

“The Lord is at Hand”

A fresh perspective on a classic verse from Philippians chapter 4. I’ll betcha you haven’t heard it put this way before…! 😀 (To go directly to the message, start at the 50 min. mark)

The Lord is at Hand


Running the Race versus “The Walk of Faith”

Hint: One is Biblical, one is not. Learn something brand new and determine if you want to truly RUN the race that is set before you. This message will give you all you need to know to succeed! (To go directly to the message, start at the 1:09:00 mark)

Running the Race vs. The Walk of Faith