Essential Oils Skeptics: Start HERE.

Right here, it is: Essential oil information for doubters, from a (former) doubter. This is the real deal! You’ve heard about essential oils. They’re sort of all over the place right now, aren’t they? People are smelling them, smearing them on themselves (maybe even on you too), drinking them?! Witch craft!

YOU NEED THIS: An in-depth, nitty gritty, no-holds-barred webinar that looks at doTERRA essential oils and why they work. It’s science, people! Taught by a former-skeptic, this will help answer the pressing questions skeptics have. No more watching from a distance and wondering, hating, rolling your eyes. At least KNOW before you make up your mind. This covers it all. Listen to the science for yourself, send to your favorite skeptic. Just like you were told by your elementary school librarian- knowledge is power! Just like G.I. Joe told you: Knowing is half the battle.

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