Invite Alicia to Teach “The Way of the Worshipper”!

It’s true! The Way of the Worshipper is a whole, live teaching series available for ministries!

School of Ministry Advancement, Albany, NY

In 2017, I finished a multi-church worship seminar for the School of Ministry Advancement (SOMA) at City Harvest Family Church in Albany, NY- based on my book, The Way of the Worshipper and it was a wonderful, intimate time of learning, empowerment, and, well, fun!SOMAI want to come speak at your next ministry event! Connecting with the Spirit of God is PARAMOUNT in the life of the Christian, and yet, it’s the #1 aspect of faith that the enemy goes after. Why? Because he knows (maybe more than you do) how effective a weapon worship is in our struggle against his attacks.

In fact, it was so great that I decided to set aside some other goals I’d set so I could keep moving ahead with the same purpose- to help facilitate and empower other people of faith to initiate a deeper connect with the Spirit of God through worship – specifically the restoration of purpose, intimacy and understanding of worship.

If your heart is where mine is- for worship- let’s do this! –>> CONTACT ME HERE <<—

My passion is to help strengthen and expand the Kingdom of God through supporting and teaching my brothers and sisters in Christ. In my personal journey in the ministry, I have seen so many people struggle with feeling burned out, or spread too thin, or fed up with the endless drama of humanity (Oh, the humanity!)- and they drop out of the race, many disillusioned with God as well.

Read what others have to say about The Way of the Worshipper:

“…It speaks to me on so many levels– everything I’ve ever thought, questioned, etc. and was never taught or found the answer to– this book answers all that and more! Best of all, it’s all Bible based! You won’t get wishy washy opinions from this book but Bible based facts. This book is a game changer for worship…”

A heartfelt desire to help others experience a deeper connection with the Spirit of God is the primary inspiration behind my book, The Way of the WorshipperIn trying so hard to stay close with God and help other people, we end up becoming unintended collateral damage ourselves. As people of faith, we want to remain in His presence always, in theory. But in practice…. sometimes that’s an entirely different animal.

What is Alicia like when she speaks? 

I’m glad you asked! Click here to view some of my favorite messages that I’ve shared. 🙂

How is “The Way of the Worshipper” presented?

Using The Way of the Worshipper as the foundation (oh, AND THE BIBLE, lol)- I can tailor the teaching of these powerful, necessary teachings however fits your needs best:

  1. Special events
  2. Keynote address
  3. Leadership retreats and training
  4. Focused, worship team workshop
  5. Weekend-long church course
  6. College level, for-credit Bible college seminar (I hold a Master’s degree to teach college level)

Let’s talk! You can find “The Way of the Worshipper” here –> on Amazon (Prime, woot! woot!)