2016-08-27 20.37.18I am first and foremost a Christian. In all that I do as a wife, a mother, a journalist, a businesswoman and a person on this earth, my priority is to show my love and appreciation for Jesus Christ by my actions.

My passions include writing, homeschooling our younger children, being active with friends in our church, running and fitness in general, cooking and music.

I am also a Wellness Advocate for the world’s foremost essential oil company, doTERRA. After several years of using essential oils in my home and on my family, I discovered three major areas of life that were being drastically affected for the better- the mind, the body and the spirit.

Our family’s passion for doTERRA’s essential oils led me and my husband (also known as “The Oil Honcho“) to launch our own business as educators for essential oils. Our focus is on total wellness our three key areas: Mind, Body and Spirit – with the aid of essential oils.

Our Story

We began our wellness journey several years ago as we started to search for ways to improve how we were feeling- outside of diet and exercise. As we approached our 40’s, we decided it would be a good time to explore supplement options. A friend invited us to a doTERRA class and we decided to try the “Lifelong Vitality Trio” of vitamins. We were very drawn to how essential oils work in the body- accessing it at the cellular level; and how the body responded to essential oils- treating them as a food source at the cellular level.

As we began a daily and consistent regimen using oils, our health noticeably began to improve and we were ready to learn more!

What we have discovered is that, although we do still experience ups and downs in our bodies from time to time, our doctor visits and the frequency of needing over-the-counter medications plummeted by at least 90%. We simply weren’t getting sick, or, if we did, our bodies were shaking it off within a few days! That’s pretty amazing for a house with 5 kids in the mix!

What’s YOUR story?

Every person’s story is unique. We all walk a journey to find a place in our minds, our bodies and our spirits where we feel comfortable existing and as we walk, our story is being written.

Essential oils are a gift from God, placed on earth at creation, to aid us as we walk through life. Whether you’re looking to achieve wellness, maintain, protect, support or change any aspect of how you walk through life, talk to us! We want to be part of your story.

Our goal is to reach as many people as possible with the message of how essential oils can transform the mind, body and spirit and help them along their life’s journey.

Travel well. Live wellness.

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