CBD Oil or Copaiba: What’s the Difference?

Everyone is talking about CBD oil right now and how its so good for “this” and curing “that” and how theirs is the best. Honestly, natural remedies and wellness management approaches are truly rocking right now for a reason- they can be highly effective for so many needs, but they are not all created equally. If you’re going to go the natural route (and really, you should!), then you – you – must educate yourself. Read, learn, ask. Then, begin.

But wait…!

Did you know that CBD oil will show up on a drug test? Did you also know that CBD oil only indirectly affects the body’s systems that need help? There is a better way, and one that will provide significantly more effects and results than anything you’ll find on the mass market bandwagon.

doTERRA’s Copiaba essential oil is shaking the CBD market to its core. Want to know why??

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CBD oil or Copiaba: What’s the difference?