Desperately Seeking Soulmate (My Husband is too…)

Can you help me find a soulmate?

It’s true. I’m searching for a soulmate. I’m trolling Facebook, asking friends if they know of anyone, judging books by their covers and writing people off because I don’t like the “Movies I Like” section on their profile. My husband has his ear to the ground as well. We’ve been searching for some time, actually. It’s not that we’re not fulfilled in our marriage- quite the opposite actually.  It’s because I’m so happy in my marriage that I’ve decided to search for a soulmate.IMG_1651…because it’s not for me.

I’m here to help! Hi! Oh, and in case you’re wondering- those selfies below are from the time I went- by myself- to a bridal shop and tried on wedding dresses. No, I was not engaged at the time. Sigh.

I have a theory- let’s see if you agree with it: The best people to help find a viable candidate with whom you could have a lasting relationship are those who are happily married.

I’ll say that oppositely as well: The worst people to ask for help (or advice) from, no dangerous, in fact, are unhappily married people, or those who can’t successfully hang onto a relationship. (Not to be confused with other singles who are also waiting, or who are single by choice. You know what I mean.)

What’s a single girl to do?

So, I’m searching for a soulmate. Here are some deets for you: I have a female friend who is tall, intelligent and beautiful, godly (non-denom/Charasmatic), well-traveled, bilingual (Spanish), between 36 and 42 years old, never married and lovely in every way- and lonely. Desperately, painfully lonely, actually. I feel her pain, literally, even now.

meTen years ago, I was her. Crying myself to sleep, literally, and physically aching from feeling so alone. I don’t even care how un-modern and anti-feminist and pitiful it sounds to say that. It’s the truth. So, I offered to help her. (Don’t try and guess who she is. I won’t tell you.)

It’s almost pathetic, in this day and age to long to be married, isn’t it? Especially among Christians. If “God” doesn’t “find” you the right person, women are supposed to just “wait on God”… learn how to knit, ignore their biological clock, get a cat and volunteer for things because they have all kinds of free time while they’re not taking care of really important stuff, like a family and a husband.

Ask, Seek Find- Hey, It’s Biblical!

Yeah, but it really is shameful to ask for help- at least in my observation and experience. Humiliating, actually, to break down and ask a friend to help you find someone. Heck, anyone. WHY?

Honestly, most singles in churches aren’t pairing up. Or people in the church assume you want to be paired up with the only other single person within 10 years of your age. It’s like… you know them too well and, gross. But having a “singles group” between churches sounds about as fun as showing up to a Star Trek convention dressed as Season 1 Lieutenant Troi. #freshmeat

What’s a single person to do? Ask us for help! It’s okay. We happily married people would love to see you happily married to, if that’s your desire. We’re the best ones to ask, actually, because we know what makes a marriage work well, and we’ll walk with you as it all plays out, because someone did the same for us.

Homer and I met online, so no judgement here, and it was totally a God appointment, so I don’t have any assumptions of what will and won’t work. I know that “he” is out here, waiting to meet her, praying and probably struggling with loneliness too.

DO THIS: I’m asking you to SHARE THIS POST *RIGHT NOW* with someone who might know someone, who might know a really extraordinary someone who might fit the bill (see above criteria, and yes, I have her permission!). Make it go viral. I’m SURE one of us knows a wonderful, godly man who is praying for a woman just like her… Oh, and no, I am not kidding. 🙂


Can you help me find a soulmate?






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