doTerra: The Bridge over Troubled Waters

It’s been at our house for the past week with back-to-back sick baby girls! LadyBird’s temp was 102, with breathing issues in her nose and chest. Three days of misery. Did you read that!? ONLY THREE. Not 7-10 days or more. Three. We use Doterra’s oils everyday to strengthen our bodies and when hard times come, we’re able to fight back because we’re in fighting condition!

Our sweet Lemon-Lime developed a reaction to something she ate and has had projectile *everything* and a temp of 103.


While we used an OTC temp reducer when it got over 101, we used Doterra’s essential oils topically, internally and in the diffuser to help ease their suffering throughout the day, and a bridge between doses and at night and it was so wonderful to manage and relive my babies and not to pump them full of extra chemicals that Doterra’s oils can address!

For little ones with tummy issues:
-Fractionated coconut oil on tummy and bowels, plus 2 drops of Digest Zen. Rub in gently. Do 3x per day.
-1 drop Lemon in water 2x per day
While issues persist.

For head and muscle/joint issues:
-Peppermint on hairline, temples and back of neck, and on muscles/joints (dilute with carrier oil) as often as needed. Also helps cool off the body. Use tepid washcloth to wipe down skin as needed.

For clear airways:
-Diffuse Breathe in a room that has a Humidifier running.
-Dilute Breathe and rub onto chest and swipe below nose.
-put a drop of Breathe on bottoms of feet at night and naps

For nighttime rest diffuse in a room with a humidifier:
5 drops Breathe
4 drops OnGuard
4 drops Serenity or Lavender

For immune system strength:
OnGuard plus Frankincense in a rollerbottle on bottoms of feet and spine/brain stem 4x per day. (Or dilute with carrier oil and use 1 drop of each 4x per day)
OnGuard beadlet 2x per day

To cleanse the puke bucket and other surfaces:
Hot water
Spray with onGuard cleaner concentrate

Lots of sleep and fluids and washing of hands, love, and stroking of hair and holding and rocking and singing is also recommended. 🙂

Be blessed, friends!

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