Cheer: Body, Mind and Spirit

Have you ever had a “Jonah day”?  It’s usually triggered by a perfect storm of unfortunate events that bring you to your breaking point and, in spite of your best efforts, you finally break, explode, melt down, blow up, freak out, and generally spin downward until you crash into the earth in a glorious ball of flames. Yes, we’ve all been there. Are you there today?

So, I’m a h.u.g.e. fan of Anne of Green Gables (books and movies, so you know it’s legit) and I remember reading the following passage which has always stuck out to me:

Anne, by what somebody has called “a Herculaneum effort,” kept back her tears until she got home that night. Then she shut herself in the east gable room and wept all her shame and remorse and disappointment into her pillows. . .wept so long that Marilla grew alarmed, invaded the room, and insisted on knowing what the trouble was.

“The trouble is, I’ve got things the matter with my conscience,” sobbed Anne. “Oh, this has been such a Jonah day, Marilla. I’m so ashamed of myself. I lost my temper and…have humiliated myself to the very dust. You don’t know how cross and hateful and horrid I was….Oh, Marilla, I have tried so hard to be patient… now it has all gone for nothing.”

Marilla passed her hard work-worn hand over the girl’s glossy, tumbled hair with a wonderful tenderness. “You take things too much to heart, Anne. We all make mistakes. . .but people forget them. And Jonah days come to everybody.”

anneYes, Jonah days come to everybody. Did you know that essential oils CAN help and are highly effective in inspiring the brain to produce hormones that provide an emotionally positive push as you move about your day? Essential oils are powerful in triggering the brain to respond in specific ways, depending on the type of oil you’re using.

Avoiding discouragement and negative emotions can often feel impossible. doTERRA’s Cheer Uplifting Blend can help dispel heavy emotions by providing a positivity boost using a fresh, bright aroma that promotes feelings of optimism and cheerfulness.

I know it doesn’t feel like it RIGHT NOW, but I promise, it DOES get better, and it can FEEL better right now. You can help yourself today, so don’t struggle alone!

Enjoy today’s body, mind and spirit connection to doTERRA’s CHEER.


doTERRA has a truly wonderful combination of essential oils called the Emotional Aromatherapy Kit, which I recommend very, very highly. We have loved the blends in this kit and have found them truly powerful and effective for our family. You can read more about the science of the oils in this kit here.

Your body and mind are interconnected in ways that science just can’t yet pinpoint. There are educated guesses and theories, but science will never be able to unravel the complexities of God’s design. However, what is known is that the two are connected, each affecting the other.

Did you know that when you exercise, to the very LIMITS of your ability, to where you’re in pain, nauseated, crying, bleeding and blistered, ready to collapse dead- that is only 40% of what your body is actually capable of? THAT is the power of the mind. Many U.S. Navy SEALS can hold their breath under water for up to 5 minutes- why? Because they’ve learned to take control of their mind and overcome the fear of death by drowning. They use the mind to slow their heart rates so that their bodies require less oxygen.

The MIND is largely responsible for what the body feels physically

This is what makes oil blends like CHEER so effective.


doTERRA Cheer Essential Oil Blend Benefits and Uses
  1. When you’re tense or overwhelmed, or need a pick-me-up, diffusing doTERRA Cheer can help promote an uplifting and positive environment- at school, at work, in the house. The fresh, warm scent will help create an inviting, happy environment.
  2. You can apply a few drops of Cheer to a terra cotta plate or even to a cotton ball and place it in your car as you run errands, make your morning commute, or drive the kids around. It’ll help keep your spirits bright all day long.
  3. Feeling lonely? When you are alone, remember, you may be physically by yourself, but you are not alone- you are LOVED. Don’t let heavy feelings weigh you down and discourage you—put Cheer into palms and inhale deeply. Rub on pulse points and over your heart and diffuse doTERRA Cheer help stir joy and invigorate your mood.
  4. When negative emotions creep into your day, apply Cheer to your hands, rub the palms together, and take a deep breath to inhale the comforting, warm scent of the oil. The scent will linger, so you can cup your hands over your nose or mouth throughout the day and inhale doTERRA Cheer for an added dose of optimism.
  5. Did you know that studies have shown yellow to be the happiest color? If someone close to you has been feeling discouraged, give them a “box of sunshine”. Gather items that will cheer them up to include in the care package—you can even make all of the items yellow, so that everything is bright and happy. Add in things like yellow candy, a yellow journal for them to write in, a yellow blanket or pillow case, and of course, yellow-labeled doTERRA Cheer. Be THAT friend, show the love.
  6. If you tend to feel grumpy or discouraged in the morning, try diffusing doTERRA Cheer while getting ready for work, drinking your morning coffee, or reading the morning paper to help promote feelings of optimism as you start the day. Don’t let life push your around, get back in control of how you feel. It’ll change how your day goes!

Sit for a moment. Quiet yourself. Give yourself permission to experience CHEER today.


Aromatherapy (the use of essential oils and plant extracts) has been a subject of interest for thousands of years. The ancient Greeks, Romans, Chinese, and Indians used essential oils for rituals and religious practices, recognizing the oils’ ability to influence human feelings. Even with this rich history of aromatherapy, the term wasn’t officially coined until the 20th century, and it took many years for the scientific community to recognize the emotional benefits of aromatherapy.

After substantial research in the 1990s, biologists began to more fully understand how chemical sensors in the body respond to the effects of scent. This research has opened many minds to a concept that ancient civilizations discovered long ago: aromatherapy can have a remarkable effect on human emotion and mood.

cheerBecause of the complexities of the human brain, certain aromas can elicit emotions by triggering memories and stimulating emotional responses. This concept, known as the “Proust Phenomenon”, suggests that although we all have different memories and experiences, everyone has the ability to experience a distinct response when inhaling aromas. This internal response acts as an “aromatic pathway” that connects the aroma to different areas of the brain, thus triggering an emotional response.

Did you know that when you smell an essential oil, molecules dissolve in the mucus lining of your nasal cavity and, from there stimulate olfactory receptors? Those receptors carry signals of the scent to other areas in the brain’s limbic system, as well as directly to the amygdala, the brain structure involved in emotional learning and memory. Ever have a smell remind you of something – good, or bad?

I had a teacher in high school that had the worst”stale coffee” breath and, to this day, when old coffee is sitting around, or I smell someone’s breath who drank it hours ago- I am reminded of him. I once dated a guy who wore leather jackets, drank beer and smoked heavily (I know, I know- it was a phase) and if I’m line somewhere, like a restaurant, and I smell that combination, I think of him.

limbicWhen you inhale the oils from doTERRA’s Emotional Aromatherapy kit, your limbic system produces a distinct response to the aroma based on memories that are associated with the particular smell—creating a rush of feelings that follow. Essential oils can produce responses that can be used to enhance well-being and manage emotions. THAT is why it works!

doTERRA Cheer is made up of citrus and spice essential oils, which contribute to its warm, inviting nature. The chemical design of doTERRA Cheer includes aldehydes and monoterpenes, which are known to promote uplifting feelings of positivity. Like the rest of the oils in the doTERRA Emotional Aromatherapy System, doTERRA Cheer was specifically and chemically constructed to help dispel negative emotions and bring light and sunshine into dark or dreary days.


“This is the day that the Lord has made; we will rejoice and be glad in it” ~Psalm 118:24

We never know what the day will bring, but we do know that rejoicing is a decision, sometimes a deliberate act of the will. I’m not saying life doesn’t have its share of pain- oh, it DOES. Sometimes it’s pain we bring upon ourselves and other times, it’s shocking, undeserved and even confusing.

In John 16:33 Jesus says, “…I have told you all these things that you may have peace in Me. In this world you will have many trials and sorrows, but be of good cheer, I have overcome the world.”

It’s through Jesus Christ that we can overcome too. He said that in Him we would have peace and to “be of good cheer” – take heart, be encouraged – because, in spite of life’s pains and trials, when our faith is in Him, we possess all we need to overcome our experiences.

joySo, if you’re feeling weak right now, remember that Nehemiah 8:10 which says that, “The joy of the Lord is your strength.”

If you’re struggling with joy and gladness today, then that is because you’re trying to get through it all in your weakness- struggling with a lack of strength to push through your experiences, feelings and situations. Faith in Jesus gives you the power to overcome. His joy is your strength. Connect to Him.

Did you know that running a marathon is a much mental as it is physical? In fact, as a runner, I can tell you this: It’s more mental. Once your mind starts to give up, your body will to. You need to reconnect to your joy, to the joy of the Lord. It will give you the strength you need.

If you’re struggling to keep your head above water amid the flood seasons of your life, take heart. 1 Peter 5 tells us to “cast your burdens on the Lord, for He care for you.”

homer-memeThe atmosphere you create around yourself, and allow to be created around you, will heavily influence how successful you are at fighting back against your feelings amid life’s various trials. Jonah days come to everyone.

Use your essential oils to help control how your mind and body respond as you work to connect to the joy o the Lord. It IS possible to feel better, even if you can’t see things getting better right now. That’s faith. God gave us tools to help ourselves and if you want to help your mind through to the other side, get to a quiet place, take a minute and pray, grab your CHEER, inhale deeply and as often as needed and just. keep. swimming.

Struggling today?
Pray FIRST. Then OILS.





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