The Medicine Mindset Part 1: Is that you?


Do you have a “medicine mindset”? What is a “medicine mindset”? How can you know if you have one or not? Is it a good thing or a bad thing? How can you get rid of it?

The first way you can start to assess whether or not you have a medicine mindset is to think about your first response to a physical need. When your head is pounding, or when your stomach is gurgling, or you feel overheated, anxious, tired, or not tired enough etc.- what’s the first thing you reach for, in your mind.

So often, even in the world of essential oils, our first response isn’t to grab for the oil we know addresses our health need, but to think about what pill or cream or chew or liquid we can ingest to make it GO. AWAY.

That’s the first sign of a medicine mindset. Is that you?

Address, Don’t Suppress

The medicine mindset starts in the mind. Unfortunately, we, members of modern society, have been programmed to think that chemically produced medications are the ONLY way to obtain real, lasting health. The problem is, most medications don’t actually address your issues, they suppress them.

Do you feel better for now? Probably. Will your problem come back? Probably. In fact, the pharmaceutical industry is larger and more profitable than you or I could ever really grasp for that very reason. (Read about the Politics of Pills, here, from CNN)

This article from the Huffington Post points out:

“Americans take pills for everything including increased energy, weight loss, pain and medical conditions. Roughly 59-percent of Americans, or 3 in 5, are taking a prescription of some kind. It is also estimated that roughly 15-percent of the population takes more than five prescriptions daily…Self-medicating has become a serious issue in the United States…to achieve a desired effect or be pain-free briefly…Over time, taking medications for a prolonged period of time can cause the body to build up a tolerance to a drug. The drug will stop producing a significant relief of symptoms, which often leads to increased dosages and drug changes.”

Between over prescribing, increased dependency, side effect risks and the decreased effectiveness of many over used medications, Americans are literally dying to feel better — and it. is. not. working! Yikes.

So what’s the exit strategy for our addiction to feeling better? There is one, actually. The antidote to never feeling better is as easy as this: wellness.

The First Step to Wellness

The first step on anyone’s wellness journey starts with a mental shift. You must break your medicine mindset and retrain your brain to understand where feeling better truly comes from. This does not involve tossing your life-saving medications away. You will never, ever find me endorsing the elimination of any medication without a doctor’s oversight and approval. Furthermore, as your embark on a wellness journey, if you are on any medication that you need or have taken regularly, getting off of it is a process with necessary steps you must take under your doctor’s supervision so your body is as safe as possible.

Don’t start shifting your thinking to grabbing essential oils and going after a life-threatening condition or refusing life-saving therapies so you can slather up with oils. That’s too extreme. Start with the basics. The next time you don’t feel well, for the most minor problem, like head/neck tension or pounding, joint discomfort, or stomach issues, don’t allow yourself to lapse into old habits. Unset your mindset and think about other ways you might address your problem.

doTERRA’s essential oils are a huge factor in creating wellness, not just suppressing symptoms. Wellness is the goal. Feeling better is the side effect. Of course, we all want to feel better, and essential oils can help with that, but wellness is the goal because if your body is well, inside and out, it will feel better naturally, on it’s own, it will fight for itself, and you’ll find a few other things happening:

  1. Your reoccurring issues occur less and less
  2. The severity of flareups goes way down
  3. The span of time between issues and flareups widens

That is what wellness can do for you.

So, take a minute to stop and think about how you address your health issues and how you think about what wellness means to you — do you have a medicine mindset?

If you’re interested in learning more about doTERRA’s essential oils, living a wellness lifestyle or how to get started with oils in your home, I’d love to connect with you!

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