Motivate: Body, Mind and Spirit

What motivates you? It’s a good question to ask yourself every so often because so many times we drift through life from obligation to obligation, without ever really stopping to be intentional about the “why”. Yes, sometimes we have to do something, but life is more than the sum of our obligations. Underneath all the ‘musts’ of life, there must be your fundamental “why”- that thing that motivates you to live and breathe, to move forward as a human being, to better yourself, to be interested in things outside of your immediate circumstance, to compel you to explore, to learn, to enjoy and to reside with contentment and fulfillment.

doTERRA’s Motivate (Encouraging Blend) is today’s Body, Mind and Spirit connection.


doTERRA’s Motivate is part of the Emotional Aromatherapy Kit. It’s best when applied to the temples, wrists and bottoms of the feet. You can and should diffuse Motivate as well. You’ll want to pull this blend out when you’re struggling with negative emotions like doubt, cynicism and pessimism.

Putting essential oils on the bottoms of the feet is something I recommend every, single time, no matter what oil you’re using, or why. The feet have the largest pores on the body so they absorb into your system the fastest.

It’s also important that you inhale Motivate because the pathways in your nose (olfactory) go directly to the limbic system in your brain. This is the epicenter of your emotions and memories. (More on this below)

Inhaling aroma is a powerful tool to help yourself. Self care is critical, especially if you’re trying to live a life that is at a safe distance from the lure of chemical, pharmaceutical or synthetic approaches that suppress emotions and numb the real you. If the real you is getting overwhelmed or struggling, self care is paramount and doTERRA’s essential oils and oil blends can make a huge difference in how you live inside your body.

  1. Rub Motivate into your temples to set the tone for the day
  2. Roll Motivate on your chest or onto a diffusing necklace so you’re smelling it before, and during an event you know will be stressful
  3. Apply to pulse points before you need to perform well


The primary function of our emotions is to get us to take action and make decisions. Your emotional health is directly tied to your physical health. 14463232_10209705892751547_5101100207246027999_n

MOOD is cognitive, intrinsic, long lasting and less intense.

EMOTIONS are extrinsic, shorter in duration, higher in intensity and chemically induces in the brain.

Essential oils, like doTERRA’s Encouraging Blend, Motivate, work to evoke different emotional responses in your brain’s Limbic system, which then communicates to the rest of the brain to release certain hormones and chemical responses. Taking control of what your brain is doing is paramount to feeling better emotionally and physically. You CAN take authority over your mind and it WILL obey. You CAN retrain your emotional responses to stress, confrontation, trauma and the way those things manifest physically. You are NOT at the whim of inflammatory responses, long term aches and pains, and crippling body actions that are actually a result of unresolved emotional pain.

Did you know that long-term exposure to stress hormones actually desensitize your serotonin (“feel good” hormones) receptor sites? In fact, they actually shrink, drastically affecting your ability to ever feel happy, confident, accomplished or motivated. It’s science!

doTERRA’s Motivate was developed to promote feelings of confidence, courage and belief – but you must commit to consistent, daily use of this blend to start to retrain your brain to take a pathway that departs from the stress hormones and painful memories and associates it has become accustomed to.


Throughout the Gospels, Jesus is repeatedly “moved with compassion”- and He heals the sick, casts our demons, opens the eyes of the blind and more. (Matthew 9:39, 14:14, 20:34; Mark 1:41- to name a few)

I was struck in my devotions recently as I noticed how many times I saw the phrase “Jesus was moved with compassion”. My eyes locked onto the word “MOVED”. He was MOVED with compassion. His compassion caused Him to act, to move. It was His motivation. He healed people touched the untouchables, reached out beyond Himself and actually TOUCHED humanity, physically, with His own two hands because He was MOVED into action, by His compassion.

Here’s my thought about that:

Compassion without action is just sympathy

While I’m sure Jesus felt badly for the plight of the people He encountered, it was more than that. It was COMPASSION, and the minute He felt it, He moved into action.

So, what motivates you? What spurs you into action?

If you’re having trouble identifying your motivation, or if you don’t feel motivated at all in your life, be motivated to do something about it. It is easier than it feels right now. Thinking there is no way out is part of the trap. We were given tools to help ourselves, but there is effort and commitment involved, and personal responsibility.

Jesus’ motivation was His compassion and it compelled Him to act. Motivation is that inherent, internal sense that pushes you to keep moving, in spite of all the pain you feel or see around you. It exists outside of circumstance, but sometimes it gets lost amid the noise of life. You CAN find your motivation again- you’re not alone in this! There IS help. You just have to reach out and take it.

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